Caspian Industry Ceramics Group has several years of experience in selling various types of industrial ceramics

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Online Accounting

One of our best services is responding to our customers in the shortest possible time, which is important.

quality guarantee

The products of our collection are produced and offered in the market with the highest quality and the most advanced devices.

Easy Shopping

You can send your orders by phone or through social networks to our sales team.

Safe sending

Always after buying the product, sending it is one of the main concerns of customers that should be considered.

Pre-purchase advice

Pre-purchase advice helps the customer to make economical and smart purchases and not to waste money.

Strong support team

Support for our products is one of the services provided by the strong support team of the collection.

Why Caspian Ceramics Industry?

long history

Caspian Industry Ceramics Group has several years of experience in selling various types of industrial ceramics.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is essential for any company, and our company also deals with high customer satisfaction.

The price is right

Price to some extent and its size can affect the choice of a company to buy the product.

High Quality

High quality products can be very effective and efficient in marketing and increasing the customer.

Experienced sales team

One of the factors in sales success is having a specialized and professional consulting and sales team.

Buy without intermediaries

One of the factors that is effective in having a purchase with a reasonable price and excellent quality is the purchase without intermediaries.

who are we? And what do we do?

Caspian Industry Ceramics Group represents a company specializing in the production of industrial ceramics in the country, which with more than a quarter of a century of experience and using advanced European technology and equipment such as spray dryers, fully automatic presses with great capability and capacity Above, designs and manufactures complex industrial ceramic parts with various applications.

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